Vote Or Not

Imagine this… title loans?
You are a 19-year-old freshman at Montana State University – Bozeman, with debt beyond your means (mostly to pay for tuition). You were notified yesterday that you are being laid off at work. As if things couldn’t get worse, your girlfriend broke up with you today. Then the phone rings.. and it’s Jim and James, calling to notify you that you won $100,000. Well, that’s exactly what happened to Eli Ivie, the official winner of the 2004 VOTEorNOT sweepstakes!
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With his luck going the way it was, it’s no surprise that Eli didn’t believe us. In fact, we had to call the guy 3 times, send multiple emails, and virtually plead with him to believe that we were telling the truth. We finally broke him down and got him to sign the official paperwork. Phew! Sure, we would have saved ourselves $100,000 had Eli not accepted the prize money, but we’d rather prove to everyone that this contest isn’t (never was, and never will be) a scam! Eli was referred to the contest by a banner we placed on, where he is a user.
We flew Eli into San Francisco to get to know him better, and to officially present him with his $100,000 check (We were also curious to see what kind of reaction a guy holding a massive $100,000 sweepstakes winning check would get from the ladies).

Over dinner at the fabulous Asia de Cuba, inside the Clift Hotel where Eli stayed, we found Eli to be a very grounded person. He plans to pay off his credit card debt immediately and allocate money for his future tuition. He may fix his 1992 Mazda Protege, although he is toying with the idea of getting a new car (he seemed enamored with the Porsche James picked him up in). With the rest of his winnings, he plans to invest most of it, but would also like to use some of it to have fun with and spend on the woman of his dreams (that could be YOU, ladies!)
Eli is an avid outdoorsman, with his greatest hobbies being skiing and rock climbing. In the long term, Eli aspires to open up heli-skiing companies in Chile, New Zealand, and the Pacific Northwest.
Congratulations Eli, we’re elated that the prize money went to someone that will use the money for college. Best of luck to you, and if the attention you got in San Francisco is any indication, good luck fending off all the beautiful ladies in Bozeman!